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Want my help getting your K-5 child on grade-level?

Right now, you might be feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed. You want to help your child make progress and get on level but you have no clue where to start. Maybe you’ve Googled “how to help my child with reading,” but you were left feeling confused. Maybe you’ve bought a bunch of grade-level workbooks or spent hours scrolling through “how-to’s” on YouTube but still can’t piece together a real roadmap that will support your child.

I’m not super surprised. You’re likely stuck because teaching and children’s brain development isn’t your area of expertise...teaching is not easy!

As an experienced classroom teacher, I can teach your child the skills to go from being frustrated to thriving as a learner. 


Going to your child’s parent-teacher conference and hearing the teacher say “I can’t believe how much their reading has improved!”


Your child feels excited about going to the library and bookstore. 


Evening homework time is calm, relaxed, and even, *gasp*...quality family time.

And imagine... 

Achieving all of this without having to frustrate your child and yourself.

Our Services

Services are offered in-office in Forest Lake, MN or virtually.

1:1 General Tutoring

30-minute tutoring sessions twice a week that are planned around your child's needs and strengths. We will schedule for one semester at a time. 


Barton Tutoring for Dyslexia

60-minute tutoring sessions twice a week that work through the Barton Program. Each lesson is an intensive intervention of reading and spelling. 


Small Group Tutoring

Twice a week tutoring session in a small group (4). Your child will get the perfect mixture of individualized attention & collaborative learning.


Need help with high school science and math? 
Visit Tangerine Tutoring LLC. You won't be disappointed! 

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