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Helping your struggling child find success.

Barton Tutor for Dyslexia 

Reading and Spelling Support for all Reading Struggles

Whether your child needs a little bit of help or intense intervention, we'll support them. 

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K-5 Reading and Spelling Support

Dyslexia and reading struggles can be incredibly challenging, making learning feel like an uphill battle. Keep It Up Tutoring is here to alleviate some of that stress.


With our specialized support, we ease the burden, offering a helping hand to guide students through the difficulties and make their learning journey smoother and more rewarding.

Why choose Keep It Up?

Support for frustrated students and families.

Keep It Up Tutoring is the ultimate choice for parents seeking specialized support for students with Dyslexia and other reading struggles.


Our commitment to individualized learning ensures that we cater to the unique needs of each student, addressing knowledge gaps and fostering self-confidence.


By tailoring our approach to Dyslexia and other reading struggles, we empower our students to increase their self-confidence and overcome these challenges.


Our mission is not only to enhance their reading and spelling skills but also to lay the groundwork for a brighter future, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to excel academically and beyond. 

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