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Questions to Ask Your Struggling Reader's Teacher (and then what to do)

Classroom picture with Blog title: Questions to Ask Your Struggling Reader's Teacher (and then what to do)

As a private reading tutor, I understand the challenges that struggling readers and their families face. When a child is a struggling reader, it can be a source of frustration and concern. However, it's crucial to remember that there are many ways to support these young learners. One valuable avenue to explore is private tutoring. In this blog post, I'll guide you through essential questions to ask your struggling reader's teacher, while also shedding light on the benefits of private tutoring as a potential solution.

Below are some powerful questions that you should ask your child's teacher.

I. Reading Struggles

  1. What specific reading difficulties does my struggling reader experience? To provide the best support, you need to pinpoint the exact challenges your child faces. Struggling readers may have issues with decoding, comprehension, fluency, or vocabulary.

  2. Is my child making progress and is that progress sufficient? Knowing whether or not your child is making progress and how much progress is being made is crucial for understanding whether interventions are working.

Two women talking, one the teacher and the other is the parent. They are discussing the important questions asked about the parent's struggling reader.

II. Classroom Support and Interventions

Teachers play a crucial role in helping struggling readers, but sometimes additional support is necessary.

  1. What interventions or strategies are in place to help my struggling reader in the classroom? It's important to know if the teacher is using specialized programs, resources, or teaching methods to assist struggling readers.

  2. Is there a reading specialist or support team available? Many schools have dedicated specialists or support teams. Find out if your child can access these valuable resources.

  3. What are the frequency and duration of these interventions? Consistency and duration are key factors in improving reading skills. Ask the teacher about the frequency and duration of classroom interventions.

Reading tutor and elementary aged girl are talking and smiling while interventions are being delivered for reading struggles.

III. Communication

To ensure that plans created at school are of the most benefit, it's important to maintain communication and support your child at home.

  1. How will the teacher keep me informed about my child's progress? Consistent communication between you and the teacher is crucial. Discuss the preferred methods and frequency of progress updates.

  2. What can I do at home to support my child's progress? The collaboration between the classroom and parents is essential. Ask about specific activities, resources, or practices you can implement at home to reinforce your child's learning.

Computer and phone which are both necessary for collaborating with a struggling reader's teacher.

The Power of Tutoring

Now, let's delve into the potential benefits of private tutoring for struggling readers.

  1. Can tutoring be a beneficial complement to classroom interventions? Private tutoring can provide individualized attention and a tailored approach, which can be highly effective for struggling readers.

  2. How can a private reading tutor address my child's specific needs? A skilled reading tutor can create a personalized plan to target your child's unique challenges, focusing on areas like decoding, comprehension, fluency, or vocabulary.

  3. How long will my child need private tutoring? The answer to this question depends on each individual child. The duration of tutoring is determined by how many skills your child needs in order to be at grade level, what kind of struggles they have, and how they learn. It is not uncommon for many struggling readers to need one or two years of private intervention.

Private tutoring can be a game-changer for struggling readers. It offers individualized support, tailored strategies, and the flexibility to address your child's specific needs. If you've asked the essential questions to your struggling reader's teacher and are considering tutoring as a viable option, we are here to help.

Our private tutoring services are designed to provide your child with the personalized support they need to become confident and proficient readers. By working closely with experienced tutors, your child can overcome their reading challenges and unlock the joy of reading.

If you found this information helpful and are interested in exploring private tutoring for your struggling reader, we offer a free Decision Tree download. This valuable resource will guide you through the decision-making process, helping you understand the different kinds of tutoring and the benefits of each. Sign up today to access this informative tool and take the first step toward supporting your struggling reader on their path to success. Together, we can make a difference in their reading skills and overall educational journey.

Decision tree that allows parents or caregivers to understand the struggles their reader is having and what kind of tutoring is best for them.

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