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How to Throw the Best Back to School Bash

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Let's start at the very beginning. What is a back-to-school bash? It's a party or celebration of summer ending and the new adventures ahead. You could throw a community back-to-school bash and invite kids and families from the neighborhood who most attend the same school. Or you could throw a bash that includes your child's friends and families. No matter how you go about setting it up, it's a great way to bring people together and enjoy the end of summer.

Here are 4 different themes for your epic Back to School Bash!

School-supply swap

After you choose your guest list, have each family bring a predetermined number of a certain school supply. One family could bring pencils and markers, while another brings folders and notebooks and the third brings paper and scissors. At the end of the party, each child will leave with one (or more) of every supply.

You could hand out supplies in assembly-line fashion where each child gets a bag and moves along choosing and picking out their supplies. Or you could have more fun and make it a back-to-school bash game! Create a supply scavenger hunt. Adults hide the supplies around the yard, park, or house and kids have to go find their supplies, Exciting!

Have extras? Make them into goodie bags of supplies and donate them.

Want to cover some of your school clothes? Add a clothing swap to the mix. Families bring good condition outgrown school clothes for other families to look through and take if they want. This is a great way to cut down on the cost of new clothes for school. Plus, kids will enjoy seeing their old clothes getting a new life at school.

Goodbye Summer party

This party is a great way to enjoy all of those summer activities you and your kids love so much. A final farewell to the dog days of summer!

Invite everyone for a day at the pool filled with laughter, sunbathing, and a bbq. Rent a bounce house or two for kids to jump, play, and slide on all day long. Set up a bike riding obstacle course for your kids and watch them challenge themselves and their friends. Have kids build forts in the yard and provide them with a bunch of water balloons for the best ever water balloon fight!

Camping sleepover

Do your kids love having tent parties in the backyard or going camping with their friends? Throw a camping-themed sleepover in the yard or at a nearby campground.

Make sure to include all of the classic camping activities. Have a campfire with roasted hot dogs, mountain pies, tin foil dinners, and s’mores. Tell ghost stories (or less scary ones) around the campfire. A more unique option would be to set up a movie in the backyard and provide popcorn and candy to all of the moviegoers.

If those aren't enough things to keep your kiddos busy, have some fun with classic back-to-school bash games like tag, minute to win it games, relay races, treasure hunts, and obstacle courses. By the time these games are finished, they will crawl in their tents and be sawing logs in no time!

Craft party

If you have kids who enjoy being crafty and creating things, why not throw a crafting and preparing party?

Kids can create, build, and decorate first day of school frames and signs for themselves, their siblings, or their new teacher. Older kids could make visions boards for the upcoming school year. They can include pictures and text about friends, sports, extracurriculars, and favorite subjects. Last, have them decorate pictures for books, notebooks, and folder covers.

No matter what kind of party you throw, everyone will be grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the wonderful summer they’ve had, new adventures to come, and great company.

Which type of back-to-school bash will you be throwing this year?

Looking toward a new school year is exciting, however, for children who may be struggling, it might not seem exciting. If that is your child, check out our Services to find out how we can help. You can also hop over and download our guide for 3 Ways to Make Learning Fun.


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