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How to Avoid the Summer Slide

As summer break approaches, many students look forward to the days of sleeping in, playing outside, and taking a break from schoolwork. However, research shows that students who don't engage in educational activities during the summer can experience a decline in academic skills known as the "summer slide." 😬

Here are some tips on how to avoid the summer slide and ensure that your child is ready for the upcoming school year.

Set Summer Goals

Encourage your child to set goals for the summer, whether it be reading a certain number of books or mastering a new skill. Write down the goals and track progress throughout the summer.

Challenge everyone in the family to set their own goals then hang your trackers on the fridge. This provides an easy and efficient way to check in with each other. What a fantastic way to practice an important functional skill.

Summer Reading Lists

Reading is one of the most important ways to prevent the summer slide. Create a list of books that your child is interested in or sign up for a reading challenge through your local library. Want a more scheduled way to keep up with your lists? Pick a day of the week and visit the local library every seven days.

Join a Summer Program

Places to check for summer programs include your local library, community education, and the YMCA. Some of the activities will be academic, while others will focus on crafts, skills, and sports.

Another great option for summer programming is to join one of Keep It Up Tutoring's summer small groups. Choices include groups based on reading and writing skills and comprehension-focused book clubs.

Make Learning Fun

Incorporate educational activities into your family's summer activities. Take a trip to a museum or historical site or use unique vacation activities for learning purposes. I'm sure your town has plenty of opportunities!

Other ways to practice skills include cooking, sewing, building, writing letters to a pen pal, grocery list making and shopping, creating a lemonade stand, etc. The possibilities really are endless.

The easiest way to include fun in learning is to play games and integrate learning aspects in. Playing a board game? Add reading flashcards or math problems. Using chalk to make hopscotch? Add learning aspects in the squares. Have a kiddo intrigued by art? Create numbers, and words in different artistic styles. Most often the game already exists. All you have to do is add the learning.

Use Technology

There are many educational websites and apps available that can help prevent the summer slide. Set limits on screen time, but allow your child to use technology for educational purposes.

Some of my favorites include Khan Academy Kids, ABCya, Starfall, Math Playground, PBSkids, Epic, and Some of these are paid and some are free but I love all of them!

Keep a schedule

Create a daily schedule that includes time for reading, educational activities, and outdoor play. Keeping a schedule can help prevent boredom and ensure that your child is engaged in learning throughout the summer.

Involve the Family

Make learning a family affair. Encourage siblings to read and play educational games together. Plan a family outing that involves learning, such as visiting a science center or nature reserve. Ask far-away relatives to become pen pals for your kids. Create a challenge with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

By following these tips, you can help your child avoid the summer slide and ensure they are ready for the upcoming school year. Remember to make learning fun and enjoyable, and encourage your child to take ownership of their own learning. Your child can have a fun and educational summer break with a little effort.

Looking for more info on small groups or one-on-one summer tutoring? Click here to schedule a free consultation call to discuss all of your options.
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