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Favorite Thanksgiving Books

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

If you have been around my blog or social media for a while, you know I am a huge fan of themed books. They spark excitement in kids, give them a really good reason to read, and help everyone to get in the spirit of whatever theme you’ve chosen. Themed books not only engage kids in the joy of reading, but they also slip some great learning and inquiry into the mix. Even fiction books allow for discussions and learning to occur.

Now that you know all about my love for themed books, it’s time to share some of my favorite Thanksgiving-themed books. If you are looking for books written from the Native perspective, jump over to this post. Not only do I share some of my own favorites, but I have a link to a fabulous collection of books that you do not want to miss.

Now let’s get to the good part!

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Picture Books

A fabulous story about a strong woman who serves her community one portion of stew at a time. But what happens when she has given away all that she has? Will her community provide for her? A great addition to the book collection about kindness, family, and helping others.

This book hits the nail right on the head for almost every one of us. Violet remembers the days before her family was so distracted and pulled apart. She aims to make her memories a reality. Can she show her family what they are missing and have a warm and engaged family dinner?

Turkey wakes up freezing and decides his best bet is to bundle up against the cold. But as we walks around the barnyard, he realizes that his animal friends are all cold, too. The great friend that he is, Turkey begins to share his warm gear with those around him until he is left with nothing to keep himself warm. Will his friends come to his rescue and keep him warm again?

A true story about Tony Sarg, the puppeteer that inspired the helium balloons we see each year at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Follow his story and discover what it took to create such a lasting legacy. This book also makes for a great STEM exploration story. Simply read the book, discuss it, and then have your kids create their very own balloons.

Bear decides that he wants to show his thankfulness for his friends so he throws a big dinner. Each friend that shows up has a wonderful plate of delicious food. Unfortunately, Bear's cupboards are empty. How can he show his thankfulness without his own food to share? A wonderful story to celebrate family and friends.

Chapter Books

Salty the dog decides to make the world a better place for humans, but they are so overcome with selfishness that it seems like an impossible task. By gathering the world's dogs, Salty tries to change human hearts forever. Will he succeed or will selfishness in humans continue forever?

Even though the President pardons one turkey each year, KC and Marshall believe he isn't doing enough. So they gather together 117 turkeys all to march on the National Mall in the morning, hoping the President will pardon them all. Until all 117 are stollen. What will they do to save the turkeys now?

A collection of poetry all centered around what authors are thankful for. Each poem is written in a different form, giving kids lots of experience with poetry, while also preparing their hearts and minds to find the things they are grateful for in their own lives.

What is happening to Genevieve's house? No one has time to give her attention, there are new people and so much food. How can this cat get her normal life back? That's easy, by getting rid of Thanksgiving altogether. Take an adventurous and comical journey with Genevieve as ruining Thanksgiving becomes her only goal!

The new neighbors are clearly hiding something in their backyard. They built a tall privacy fence, erected a suspicious tent, and have a big, scary dog protecting it all. Leave it to the kids to uncover the mystery before Thanksgiving. Let's just hope everyone and everything stays safe in the process.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving books to share with the kids in your life?

Looking for more than storybooks to keep your kids entertained this Thanksgiving? Download my Thanksgiving Learning at Home Guide. It's packed full of all different kinds of activities to keep kids occupied, engaged, and having fun!

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