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5 Benefits of 1-1 Tutoring

Why is one-to-one tutoring so effective for kids?

You may be asking yourself this as you explore how to best support your child. If this is in fact you, welcome! I’m so glad you have found this article.

Let me start by telling you that as a classroom teacher I see the struggles that many kids have and the lack of time and ability I, as the whole class teacher, have to support all learning needs. Don’t get me wrong, teachers try as hard as we can but with more and more standards and expectations being added, it’s becoming more difficult to fit in all of the everyday learning during school hours. Not to mention the added struggles of distracting behaviors, meeting the needs of those students who don’t have their needs met at home, and a whole array of other needs within the classroom.

That’s why I started this tutoring business. I wanted to be able to follow my passion and help kids love learning and discover their potential. So when I say that I see these 1-1 tutoring benefits, please know that I truly do see them and they are what keeps me going.

With all of that being said, let’s jump into 5 Benefits of 1-1 Tutoring!

Improved self-confidence

Often times students know that they are struggling and it decreases their self-confidence. They know that when they raise their hand and answer questions incorrectly, their whole class is witnessing their lack of knowledge. Many students compare themselves to their peers, just as adults do. They see others learning quickly and feel very down on themselves for not being like that.

1-1 tutoring allows students to work on their specific learning needs and as they begin to see their own progress and growth, their self-confidence grows. They begin to see themselves as capable learners who can learn what their peers are learning. They truly begin to believe in themselves. It is a fabulous sight to behold!

Deeper & wider learning

Standards drive the classroom today. There are specific learning targets that teachers need to teach in order to move their whole class along at a pace that will match other teachers. This allows students to all be at the same place as they move between grades. However, these standards are grade-level and do not truly include students who are struggling or exceeding.

1-1 tutoring gives students the opportunity to learn outside of the “normal” expectations.

Tutors have the flexibility that classroom teachers don’t have to explore students’ interests in a way that supports their learning and allows them to dive deeper into understanding and applying skills. It also allows students to explore more skills, concepts, and subjects than is available in the classroom setting.

Struggling and bored students will both benefit from the ability to dive deeper into concepts and explore new and interesting skills.

Personalized learning

As mentioned before, in-school learning is mostly based on the general needs of 20-35 students in a classroom. The time for individualized learning is small compared to the length of time students are in school.

1-1 tutoring allows your child to work on the specific areas of need in a way that plays to their strengths. Tutors have the flexibility to meet your child exactly where they are and work from there.

This practice is what allows students to make so much progress.

Relaxed learning environment

Many struggling learners will have had negative experiences in the classroom and see engaging in class as high-risk. They may believe that peers will find out how far behind they are, they will be made fun of, the teacher won’t like them, etc.

1-1 tutoring gives a safe learning environment that is low-risk. Students don’t have to feel nervous and anxious about making a mistake, getting something incorrect, or taking their time. The productive struggle that students engage in with tutors is the process that leads to increased understanding and progress.

Of course, this safe environment takes some time and relationship-building to establish, however, students often feel safe enough to try within just a few sessions.

Positive relationships with teacher and learning

More often than not, students who are struggling or bored have a rather negative attitude toward or relationship with the school, the classroom learning environment, or their teachers. This comes from feeling forgotten, ignored, or not cared for. They may have been told some negative things that increased these negative feelings.

Fortunately, 1-1 tutoring gives all students the opportunity to create positive relationships with teachers and learning. Students love when a trusted teacher spends time making them the center of attention in a fun and meaningful way!

When you add all of these benefits together, it makes a very powerful case for students who are struggling or feeling bored in their classroom setting to be provided with 1-1 tutoring. They will establish a safe environment where they meet with a caring and supportive teacher who helps them to make progress and explore new and interesting concepts in fun, engaging, and meaningful ways!

What other benefits would you like to see when your child attends 1-1 tutoring?

If you have further questions or are interested in learning more about how 1-1 tutoring can help your K-5 child specifically, click here to sign up for a free phone consultation.

If you’re looking for fun and engaging ways to help your child practice skills at home, download my FREE guide. It will show you how to take homework and learning time from boring worksheets at the kitchen table, to fun, active, and engaging learning.


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