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4 Things You Can Do to Help Your Child With Testing

As we approach state testing, I am hearing a lot of parents express worry and anxiety for their children. They want to be able to help them, but of course, they cannot sit in the classroom and help their child take the test. Are they doomed to this anxiety, or is there some action they can take to provide assistance? Thankfully, there are several things that parents and caregivers can do to aid their children before, and even during test-taking.

Below is a list of four things you can do at home to help your child with test-taking.

1. Try to limit stress at home

If it is possible, give your child a calm evening before and morning of testing. Getting enough sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a positive start to the day can do a lot for their wellbeing.

2. Focus on confidence

Encourage your child, remind them of how well they do in school and have them remind themselves of areas they have made growth. Tell your child that no matter how they do, you are proud of their efforts.

3. Practice relaxation techniques

Help your child learn to avoid anxiety during a test through relaxation techniques and exercises. As you look forward to tests, practice breathing or grounding exercises, along with positive words and phrases children can speak to themselves when the test starts to feel overwhelming.

4. Watch your own words

Kids hear the words you say and they notice the attitude you have. Even if you disagree with or dislike testing, this attitude will negatively impact your child. Try not to complain or minimize testing. Make your words matter-of-fact and keep your attitude upbeat and positive. Focus on your child and their abilities, not the act of testing.

Putting focus and attention on these four areas can really help your child to feel more confident and prepared for test-taking. It gives them a solid foundation when they start the test and allows them the opportunity to work through anxiety and stress during the test.

Looking for a way to repeatedly remind yourself of these four ways to help your student? Print out the image below and hang it on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or even in the car. Having daily reminders will help you and your child.

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